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It is a national priority to create plans and roadmaps for digital transformation and finance initiatives for enterprises’ digitalisation. It is essential for the state to focus on green digitization and the creation of ecologically sustainable digital infrastructures, it was said at today’s conference, “Go Green: Ensuring Digital Environmental Sustainability”, organized by the Regional Development Bureau. This conference is contained within the “Computer power goes green” project, financed by the EU within the Interreg Balkan Med Program 2014 – 2020.

According to the director of the Bureau for Regional Development, Ramiz Redzepi, the Bureau is implementing the project “Computing power goes green” from October 1, 2021, financed by the Balkan Med program of the European Union. “The project is implemented in Greece, Albania, Cyprus and Bulgaria partners. This is the first innovative pilot project that is being implemented in R. S. Macedonia. Within the framework of the project, we have mapped, analyzed and described the factors that support and prevent the adoption of green digitization measures, a focused country assessment, and a report on the identification of resources and measures. This Conference aims to ensure digital environmental sustainability presented from several sides – international, national and local levels because we all need to contribute to green digitization together,” says Redzepi.

Digital technologies, such as artificial intelligence, 5G, IoT, cloud and edge computing, can also accelerate and maximise environmental policies’ effects. The new approach adopted by this project concerns the monitoring, assessment and promotion of TWIN investments. Digital transformation is not promoted in isolation but is seen under the lens of green development.

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