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Director of the Bureau for Regional Development, Mr. Dzemail Elmazi met with the representative of GIZ (German Agency for Technical Cooperation) and project leader, Mr. Reinhold Bauerle.
German Society for Technical Cooperation in the Republic of Macedonia has a crucial role in regional development whereby  it was prepared and the Law on Regional Development and the Regional Development Strategy with a three-year Action Plan. The Action Plan will set the stage for the preparation of development programs by planning regions based on the Centers for Regional Development launched successfully develop and implement projects for regional development and cross-border cooperation. Since the adoption of the Law on Regional Development to the present main actors or institutions stem Ministry of Local Government and Regional Development Bureau as an authority in its composition and the Centers for Regional Development, with the support of GIZ established quality system for regional development that has capacity and quality to realize the much larger funds from the state budget and from European funds, said the director Elmazi.
Mr. Reinhold Bauerle expressed satisfaction for the cooperation and the continuation of the same function in the measurement and improvement of regional development.
Mr. Bauerle, appointed as the new team leader of the German Society for Technical Cooperation in the country, used the occasion to meet with the team and the Bureau actively and tirelessly work on improving the policy for balanced regional development.

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