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On 02.13.2014 in the premises of the Bureau for Regional Development signed contracts to implement projects between Bureau, represented by the Director Dzemail Diamond and heads of centers for the development of the 8 regions of the country. During 2014 will be implemented 26 projects for development of regions with a total value of 42,095,533 denars. 

The allocation of funds intended to promote regional development are awarded based on the classification of regions according to their level of development for the period from 2013 to 2017. Hence, the following breakdown for 2014:

– Three (3) projects worth 3030.878 will be implemented by the Centre for Development of Skopje Region;
– 4 (four) projects worth 4,672,604 will be implemented by the Centre for the Development of the South-East region;
– Center for Development of the Eastern Region will carry two (2) projects worth 4,756,795
– Center for Development of Pelagonija region will carry two (2) projects worth 5,009,368;
– 1 (one) project to encourage regional development worth 5,556,610 will be implemented by the Centre for development of Polog region;
– Development Center of the Southwest will implement four (4) projects worth 5,598,706;
– Centre for Development of Vardar will implement four (4) projects worth 6,188,043;
– 6 (six) projects worth 7,282,527 will be realized by the Northeast Region.

A detailed list of projects in the regions, published in the Official Gazette on January 31, 2014 Br. 23, can be found at the following link:
List of Projects for Regional Development financed from the state budget in 2014

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